Agricultural Education:
Connecting Concept & Process
Seed Root Stem
Leaf Flower Fruit
Alphabet Fruits & Vegetables
Wet & Dry Land
Seed Sorting Germination
Shades of Green
Living & Non Living
Traveling Seed
Tree Puzzle
Plant Matching Cards
Signs of Fall & Spring
Name that Bird
Flower Arrangement
Nest Making
Lavender Harvesting
Water Conservation
Nurseries Field-trips
Butterfly Life Cycle
Plant “Hospital”
Identifying Fruit Parts
Inspiration & Nature Beauty
Birds & Feathers
Build a Scarecrow
Looking into Sunflower
Making Terrarium
Sand & Desert Plants
Lady Bug Game
Nature Sequence Cards
Pond Plants & Animals

Healthy Agriculture We plant shrubs and flowers with the objective to attract bees, hummingbirds & other pollinators. We raise monarch caterpillars and release up to 40 butterflies/year. Children from Marin & Sonoma Counties come to us all year round, regularly or when their schools are closed. With their collaboration, we explore a variety of agricultural products from many local producers. We help children connect the knowledge they assimilate in the classrooms to the practical learning experiences in our garden.

Healthy agriculture starts with children’s awareness and knowledge acquisition. We strongly believe that one way to better protect the future of pollinators and flower farming is to prepare a few good farmers! Our garden is small, therefore, slow in responding to our desire to provide a larger environmental home. Our goal is to keep the program in San Rafael but expand the flower farming project by buying or possibly leasing land, 1 to 5 acres. An extension of Early Discovery in the Marin rural area will be a perfect place for parents and their children to go to during the weekends and have a great time.