Preparing for Kindergarten:
Shape Identification
Circle Square Triangle
Count to 5, 10, 15, 20
How many?
Inside Outside
Left, Middle, Right
Above, Below, Top, Bottom
Long, Short, Tall, Light, Heavy
Height, Weight, Wide, Narrow
Introduction to Fractions
Sorting, Ordering, Classifying
Color Classification
Same & Different Shapes
Recognize/Describe Patterns
Repeating Patterns
Find Missing Parts
Symmetry Game
Solid & Planar Figures
Days of the Week
Seasons of the Year
When is your Birthday?

“Thank you for allowing me to observe my son on Tuesday. I was very impressed with his development and your approach to maximizing his learning experience while at the same time, engaging him in fun activities to stimulate that growth. I can see how he is interacting with the other students and how that interaction creates an organic, flowing educational atmosphere where the kids learn as much from each other and the knowledge they share effortlessly through just playing. I told my wife how educational this observation was for me and she is looking forward to her date. Thanks for doing such a great job.” — Parent, San Anselmo