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Freeze Dance
Silly Dance
Self Expression
Dance Like a Kangaroo
Dance Like an Apple Tree
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Self Confidence
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Drum Tambourine Shaker
Vibration Tone
Sound Hole Body Neck Head

All children hold happy feelings in their heart and mind, and it’s just a matter of creating the perfect emotional environment around them, at home or at school, and encouraging them to freely express these feelings. Music and dance are GREAT components in the learning process. They have an undeniable impact on children’s creativity, physical coordination, problem solving, and most importantly they bring out the joyous flow and happy feelings that children already have.

We believe that music shouldn’t be frozen into a once-a-week scheduled activity, so we play music and dance every day! From an early age, children get to experience a variety of instruments hands-on. They learn how to strum, bow, beat, and play guitar, mandolin, ukulele, violin, keyboard, drums, shakers & bells. They love group dancing and enjoy taking turns doing what we call “freeze dance” and “silly dance,” such as dance like a butterfly, a blueberry bush, a bear, or an apple tree. Their exposure to music of all types and all cultures reinforces their self-expression, self-confidence and helps them reconnect with their cultural heritage.

Children learn the different parts of each instrument and experience various concepts of music through hearing and feeling. They learn contrasts of High and Low, Fast and Slow, Loud and Quiet, different textures and different styles, just to name a few. We consider our music program successful because of the enthusiastic response of the children.