Self Development Activities:
Learning Please & Thank You
Pouring Solids & Liquids
Using a Funnel
Juice Making
Flour Sifting
Expressing Admiration
Banana Slicing
Table Setting & Manners
Washing Utensils
Wood Polishing
Window Washing
Cloth Washing
Sewing & Lacing
Using Wooden Iron
Winding Yarn & Embroidery
Opening & Closing Containers
Greeting Friends
Hand Washing
Shoe Polishing
Folding/Unfolding Washcloths

Early Discovery is a small educational program located in the beautiful Sun Valley area of San Rafael. We have been providing a creative, stimulating and fun environment for children since 2000. We function as a daycare as well a preschool with a curriculum and approach that extends all the way through kindergarten preparation. We offer parents the possibility to make their own schedule based on their work and family needs. We believe the home to school transition is crucial and value good communication practices between parents and Early Discovery. During the school year we schedule observation sessions for parents to see us in action and to give your child a chance to share with you his or her progress and interaction with other children. Among other highlights such as graduation ceremonies, the publication of our school’s activity book, and a children’s book, our students received certificates signed by President Barack Obama for outstanding achievement in environmental education. Read More…